Battery Isolators & DC Converters


The ZG ZETAGI battery separator is essential in DC systems where there are two or more battery banks which, although connected to a single source of charge, must remain isolated from each other.

It should fit a battery separator between the battery power generator/alternator and the batteries so that they receive the charge separately and individually; this will avoid the discharge of a battery to another.

MODEL SB702SB1203SB1602SB1603
Operating VoltageVdc12 ÷ 4812 ÷ 4812 ÷ 4812 ÷ 48
Max. CurrentA70120160160
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm120 x 100 x 63120 x 200 x 63120 x 200 x 63120 x 250 x 63


You cannot do without a voltage reducer when a truck, a boat, or a camper has a 24V electrical system and you need to feed radios, CD players, telephones, light bulbs, and any other service at 12V.

The characteristics of ZETAGI VOLTAGE REDUCERS  meet everyone’s needs because they are made either with a passive reduction system(linear) or with a high-performance system (switching mode) for currents from 0 to 35 Amps. They are resistant and always available thanking to a continuous production cycle.

Particularly suitable for power supply and radio monitor as they are totally free from any kind of electromagnetic interference.

InputVdc13 ÷ 3018 ÷ 3018 ÷ 3018 ÷ 3018 ÷ 30
OutputVdc3-4.5-6-7.5-9-1213.513.813.813.8 internal adjustment
Max LoadA25102035
Load Continual ServiceA12.55 ÷ 9 (*)10 ÷ 18 (*)20 ÷ 32 (**)
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm70 x 100 x 20130 x 100 x 35120 x 100 x 63120 x 200 x 63200 x 400 x 90
  Full protection against short circuit, 
over-load, over-temperature.
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