As a leading manufacturer of thermal circuit protection devices, MP develops high-quality circuit breakers for a wide variety of products and equipment. Our thermal circuit breakers protect people and equipment by sensing and preventing dangers associated with electrical overloads and overcurrents. MP has distinguished itself through unmatched quality and unparalleled service for over 70 years.

Mechanical Products waterproof circuit breakers are designed for harsh environments such as Truck, Bus, Marine, Ag Equipment, and Liftgates. They are available up to 300 Amps. Type I, II, & III options as well as Hi-amp, ignition protected, Panel and surface mount versions, and lighted tripIDTM. The MP Series 53 is designed specifically to bring together two traditionally separated products (breaker / switch) into a single small package device that may be conveniently located for ease of access.

The MP Series 53 combines key attributes required of ABYC circuit breakers (UL1077 & SAE J1428) and the Marine Power switching standards (UL1107). This new innovative product provides upstream backup short circuit protection up to 3,000 amperes for the branch house circuits. This device helps prevent battery draw down while the switch is in the off position while providing savings in space, labor, and wiring costs.

Certifications: RoHS, SAE, ABYC